This will be the first of 4 blog posts counting down to July 4th. As our nation celebrates its “Independence” I hope to call people to a celebration of another kind.

I once heard Georgian Banov say, “All independence is a lie, you can’t even breathe on your own.” I was immediately struck by the statement and began to mediate on it for weeks. It was in this time that the Lord gave me a revelation. I saw the word “independence” break into two parts: “in” & “dependence.”

I suddenly realized that we are all in a place called Dependence and thinking otherwise is foolishness. Every living creature, whether they acknowledge it or not, is reliant on the Creator for every aspect of their life. Everything finds it’s beginning and end in God.

It is like the joke between the scientist and God where the man claims he doesn’t need God because he is so advanced in scientific reason. Both parties agree on a contest to build a sand castle and the challenge begins. As soon as the scientist bends down to start molding and shaping his creation, God stops him and says, “Oh no, use your own dirt.”

This little anecdote reveals the fact that we can not hope to become independent from God in any way shape or form. The very air you are breathing is only in your lungs because it was created by God. Intelligent design requires a designer, and you are completely dependent upon Him for all things.

So in this revelation I wrote a book called “Living In Dependenceville” with the goal to help people become more aware of their dependence upon God and give them permission to celebrate this truth. It is when we move from ignorance, to awareness to celebration that we start to truly experience all that is in the treasure troves of heaven.

So stay tuned for the next couple of days as we unpack a few of the elemental truths that living in Dependenceville can unwrap. I hope you choose to celebrate your day of dependence and unlock the adventure that your life really is.

-Caleb Hyers

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