Continuing in this series on dependence lets look at the leadership or governmental structure of a place I call Dependenceville.

Bill Johnson once said, “We are learning to rule with the heart of a servant, and serve with the heart of a King.”

The government of Dependenceville consists of royals who take the low place and serve the least of these with all the resources of heaven. There are countless examples in scripture and some are given in my book, “Living in Dependenceville” but I would like to take a look at a couple of people in my own life who are mighty Kings and Queens of Dependenceville.

One such couple I know is Jaime and Tami Kent. They lead an organization called NoMore and have a heart to connect the body of Christ with opportunities to serve the least of these.

This amazing couple is on a mission to see hunger, poverty, slavery and other social injustices iradicated through the hands and feet of Christ: the church. They have given their incomes and daily lives over the the idea that if we, the body of Christ, take our place as the ones who love the least of these, then nothing is impossible.

Jaime and Tami inspire me and challenge me to love like Jesus loves and do what the Father is doing. They are one example of a King and a Queen in Dependenceville.

Another couple I would like to point to is Georgian and Winnie Banov, the leaders of Global Celebration. I have personally accompanied them to few couple garbage dumps, multiple refugee camps and served alongside them blessing Widows and Orphans all around the world.

They live out of a place of joy that some only dream of and are amazing Lovers of the poor and broken. They co-labor with Jesus in loving the forgotten and shut out ones. Their ministry to the gypsies and refugees will reverberate for a thousand generations. This King and this Queen have shown me and countless others what it is rule with the heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a King.

The servant-King posture is one you are invited into as a child of God. You love because Christ first loved you.

Take a moment and celebrate your dependence upon God by loving on the homeless and the broken. Do something tangible today for someone who doesn’t deserve it.

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” – ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭11:25‬ ‭

– Caleb Hyers

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